Latest Fashion Trends In Women’s Wear In India

Latest Fashion Trends In Women’s Wear In India

Designer Sarees

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Sarees have been wore for generations but it had never come to life as it has now. The daily wear sarees have not seen so much of evolution as designer sarees worn during weddings and other social gatherings have seen. Long sleeved blouses are back in vougue with intrictate embroidered designs adding sofesticated and glamourous look to the attire. Similarly, heavy embroidered and intricately cut and beautifully shaped blouse backs have given tried and tested piece of clothing its much needed overhaul.

Pakistani Suits

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The salwar kameez in India have got its share of fresh feel with the new pakistani design concept suits. Pakistani suits are in great demand due to their heavy embroidered look and also the printed  variety has added colorful hues to the fabrics. While it has added an additonal complexity and efforts to the stitching aspect that will push you back by a few additional hundreds bucks for it. Yet, that does not deter the faithful buy going gaga for their beautiful designs, colors and embroidery. They are an ideal choice for those who prefer to wear salwar suits to weddings and other social gatherings.

Dhoti Styled Salwar Suits

Women’s Dhoti Styled Suit

Those on the lookout for that unique look are in for some nice surprise. If you thought kurta and dhoti were bland and from the past, you would love to know that they have been given a fresh lease of life with vibrant colors and traditionally designed costume for the women’s folk who are on a lookout for the ethnic yet fashionable look. Do check these out.


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